Hae Won

Statement / Bio

    My work is an active research of building extractive forms; furthermore, a nonlinear narrative study that develops dimensions, fragility, and aggregation through hand made processes. Its repetition is an act based on curiosity, of multitude and of habit while the approach is outwards, whimsical and rhizomatic. Using mold-making processes and techniques, these objects propose a methodology that enjoys invention in transition. Forms, often in series, become evidence of the making process. They resemble the past and the future but are unlike both. In this continuous form-finding, I tend to build relationships between new origins, thoughts, and contradictions.

    Objects I create are casts of fragmented molds and exaggerated abstractions of the same. Molds—historically used to as voids—transform their behavior to now an engaged cast. Here, the residues, leftovers, remains, and remnants, which were once valuable parts in the context of one process no longer holds the same ideas, function, nor value once they are removed from its process. I celebrate these autonomous outcasts through the act of casting; which for me is an act of acknowledging the disappearance by preserving its meaningful parts. They are exhaustedly performed in repetition to create layers that grow in volumes, masses, and spaces; becoming ambiguous exaggerations of self. The environments of making inevitably become a resource for further exploration. In this habitat, all objects are artifacts of investigation. Importantly, its a physical documentation that viewers witness through the study in each piece as a beholder of another.

Hae Won (first name) Sohn (last name) is a visual artist, currently based in Baltimore, MD where she is a long-term resident artist/instructor at Baltimore Clayworks. Coming from Seoul, South Korea; Sohn earned her Master of Fine Arts degree at Cranbrook Academy of Art. Prior to Cranbrook, she achieved her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Ceramics from the College of Design at Kookmin University located in Seoul.

Sohn has recently been selected as a finalst for the inaugural Galerie Emerging Artist Award (2019). Her work has been exhibited internationally at venues including Emmanuel Barbault Gallery, New York, NY; Gray Contemporary, Houston, TX; MONO Practice, Baltimore, MD; Next Step Studio & Gallery, Ferndale, MI; Zahoorul Akhlaq Gallery of National College of Arts, Lahore, Pakistan; and Kyung-In Museum of Fine Art, Seoul, South Korea.