Exhibition Essay for Moult
by Swati Piparsania, Solo Exhibition at Subtitled NYC, 2023

Exhibition Essay for chocolate milk cow milk
by Mimi Park, Solo Exhibition at Thomas Park, 2023

In the Galleries: Sculptures take us beyond the conventional (review on Unspoken Volumes)
by Mark Jenkins, The Washington Post, 2022

‘Unspoken Volumes’ reinvisions the relationship between art, view and space
by Winter Hawk, The Diamondback, 2022

The Stamp Gallery Blog

In the Galleries
(review on Tertium Quid)
by Mark Jenkins, Washington Post, 2021

Hae Won Sohn on the Wonderful, Messy, and Ever Optimistic Sides of Being an Artist

Interview with Lindsay Marsh, Kinship + Craft, 2021

Hae Won Sohn, 2021 Sondheim Finalist
by Bret McCabe, Bmore Art, 2021

Featured Artist Interview
Questions by Andreana Donahue, Maake Magazine, 2020

Make, Break, and Reassemble: An Interview with Hae Won Sohn
Words by Suzy Kopf, BmoreArt, 2020

Exhibition Essay for Monologue Aside
by Rod Malin, Solo Exhibition at Emmanuel Barbault Gallery, 2020

Galerie Magazine Special Emerging Artist Issue, 2019

These 13 Ceramic Artists are Reshaping the Medium
by Grace Ignacia See, Artzine of the Artling, 2019