My practice is a constant process of un-learning the conventions and re-introducing myself to material I interact with through exploring its gestural language and materiality. I leave myself open to (re)interpretation regarding the notion of “tradition” and its relationship to myself as a maker. Therefore my practice functions as a device, which keeps me self-aware of my status as a translator of the language the material speaks. Though being a practiced ceramicist, I am rather interested in taking the role as an activator of material for it to perform based on its own natural attributes and dynamics; further leading to self-growing archeological forms. Moreover, I am enabled to proceed to create as I destroy and break preconceptions physically and conceptually; I learn as I think through the material, exploring it both as the material itself and an idea.


Hae Won SOHN is an artist primarily working in ceramics, currently based in Baltimore, MD. Through her current studio practice, Sohn explores the idea of presenting process itself as an element of a process which is done by adopting the language materials speak and visualizing it with her own translation. Coming from Seoul, South Korea; Sohn earned her Master of Fine Arts degree at Cranbrook Academy of Art. Prior to Cranbrook, she achieved her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Ceramics from the College of Design at Kookmin University located in Seoul.

Sohn was the recipient of the Tony Hepburn Scholarship and the Chrissy Award of the year of 2017 at Cranbrook Academy of Art. Her work has been exhibited both in South Korea and throughout the States at venues including Sculpture Space NYC, The Clay Studio of Philadelphia, Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit, David Salkin Creative and Kyung-in Museum of Fine Art.

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