Pottery x Painting

A slowly and steadily growing collection of ceramic pots defined as cups, vases, bowls, plates, or ______ depending on however used and envisioned. These forms are wheel-thrown and glazed by Hae Won Sohn and painted with oxide washes by Stipan Tadić.

An ongoing collaboration with Stipan Tadić, painter and comic artist based in New York, NY, by the way of Zagreb, Croatia. All works are gas-fired at cone10 reduction at Greenwich House Pottery (New York, NY), a teaching site of Hae Won Sohn, unless specified otherwise. Photo courtesy of Stipan Tadić and Hae Won Sohn.

Bird Cup, 2023
h 9.5cm x ⌀ 10cm

Blue Forest Cup, 2023
h 9.5cm x ⌀ 9.5cm