Hae Won


“Hae Won Sohn’s objects manifest around the remnant, utilizing the broken mold and incorporating action of breaking as a natural phenomenon in ceramics. Her work aims to decipher between what’s natural and the systems that reinforce such structural ideas. Utilizing basic shapes, in all their aspects and formal and structural possibilities is a nod to antiquity, not as the perception of stagnation of fundamental concepts but the means from which we situate to perceive those ideas.” (2019)

—Rod Malin
Founder and Director of Guest Spot @ THE REINSTITUTE

“Hae Won Sohn’s sculptures are eerie in their semblance to the corporeal. I find something innately evocative in these unusual shapes, at once beautiful and grotesque. It’s as if they’ve taken a form I know well and inverted it or presented it as a fragment.” (2019)

—Heidi Zuckerman
former CEO & Director of the Aspen Art Museum